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For over 60 years, Höffig and Ramos families havben in the meat producing industry. HoRa is the Höfig and Ramos trademark. With the family’s third generation at the forefront of business for almost 30 years, HoRa directs its activities towards excellence in genetic improvement, producing bulls, matrices, semen and embryos to reinforce the Brazilian cattle herd, helping the country to become the largest exporter of the world.

With focus on the future, HoRa develops innovative projects, expanding the management processes with employees, academics, partners, and other audiences.

HoRa is nationally and internationally recognized for its distinguished dedication and work. It is known for the guarantee of its products, which prioritize the proximity and service to breeders who share the responsibility of producing the best meat in the world.

of Vision

The history of Höfig Ramos Agricultura e Pecuária – HoRa – is intertwined with the life histories of pioneer Arthur Höffig and physician José Ramos, two great men who were prominent in the development of the city of Cornélio Procópio, in the state of Paraná, in the South of Brazil. Over the years, the names Höffig and Ramos have become unique in the region. In a perfect partnership, the two – more than united by family bonds – were also joined in the love for Cornélio Procópio and the work they have developed together.

The hallmark of
HoRa’s history

The lands that currently make the municipality of Brasilândia, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, belonged to the English Company Brasil Land Cattle Co, which were incorporated into the Federal Government Patrimony in the years 1947 and 1948, by the President of Brazil, General Eurico Gaspar Dutra, and by the state governor Arnaldo Estevão Figueiredo. Part of this area was acquired by entrepreneurs, with Arthur Höffig being the founder of Brasilândia, on April 25, 1957.


Artur Höffig, a traditional coffee producer in the state of Paraná, sees extensive farming opportunities in Mato Grosso.


José Ramos da Silva, a dedicated physician, takes over the family business and innovates in cattle breeding by using artificial insemination, making history.


At age 23, José Roberto Höfig Ramos, Höffig’s grandson and Ramos’ son, takes over the family business and begins his activities in livestock and agriculture with innovation and technology for sustainable production. With his entrepreneurial vision, he has been building a successful trajectory, inspiring future generations.

HoRa building value

The HoRa universe is comprised of the harmonious
integration of these three groups in the search for
quality of both products and services, resulting
in a strong and dynamic livestock.