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Pioneer in environmental preservation, HoRa today reaps the fruits of its dedication. Höfig Ramos understands that productivity is the result of its management capacity and of defining new challenges in its trajectory in Mato Grosso.

HoRa expands frontiers by presenting its preservation work for visitors, recording advances in its internal programs and producing guiding content inspiring different audiences.

ENVIRONMENTAL preservation

Environmental preservation is a constant concern for HoRa. No tree is removed without being replaced. Every wild animal is protected, and all springs preserved.



HoRa considers education essential for the construction of new values and it actively participates in social projects involving children, believing in a better future. It also values the well-being of its employees and families because it believes that relationships make life happier.

Encouraging the students to attend Municipal Schools

State-of-the-art access to information in all employee residences

Masonry houses with 90m2, increasing employees comfort and well-being

List of commemorative dates, encouraging integration among employees and their families

Collaboration in social projects involving children development





Valuation of the Cerrado culture through attires, accessories and typical equipment, preserving the regional style. Employees maintain the uniform standard, but can customize them with regional identity. A reason to also prepare their animals with leather and metal props.

Preservation of oral traditions in mate circles.

Regional celebrations, involving employees and family.


Standardization and visual identity.

Information and inspection of the use of safety equipment.

Care with employees.

Extended attention to personnel policies.

Safety and occupational health.

Our future

The future is made by caring for our actions in the present.