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Work, dedication, and passion for everything that comes from the land and from the work of men.

Investments in professionalization and training of the workforce, encouraging partnerships to improve the team with courses and lectures.

Guidance in projects with technical assistance to innovate in the conservation and preservation of the environment, with each employee being also responsible for caring for the environment.

Technology investment in daily work and leisure: all employee residences are equipped with broadband internet as part of our digital inclusion project.

Strict compliance with safety and welfare standards at work.


Our world

The Earth

Utmost respect for Earth’s natural vocation.

HoRa’s agricultural productivity derives from the use of sustainable technologies in the areas already incorporated to the production process.

Maintaining wildlife, maintaining biodiversity, and preserving nature are our priorities.

The iLPF improves water and pastures soil quality, reducing the use of pesticides and vulnerability to climatic risks, benefiting the productive environment in general.

Our world


Incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, seeking the optimization of agricultural, livestock and forestry productivity.

Our world


The results are revealed in the sum of our initiatives. Being forward-thinking, counting on research and professionals dedicated to the development of processes are the fuels of the HoRa system.

Höfig Ramos invests in the integration of Farming, Livestock and Forestry (iLPF) because it believes in integrated initiatives that strengthen the development of its employees, promoting social, animal and environmental welfare, together with the production of genetics and the passion for land and labor.



Production of soybean, maize and sorghum with advanced technology, using precision agriculture in its properties in the Brazilian Cerrado.


Rational use of inputs, giving land and plants precise doses of seeds, nutrients and pesticides, with sustainable agricultural production management.


Maternal Ability | Reproductive Efficiency | Breed Characteristics | Carcass Yield | Precocity

Growth Speed
Feed Efficiency
Frame Score
Functionality in the Field
The sum of all these items results in the HoRa Quality Index, known as HoRa Podium Genetics.


HoRa is divided into retreats equipped to operate as autonomous properties, with independent management.

All of them are equipped with corrals, pastures duly identified and controlled for management, troughs, drinking fountains and residences for the employees’ families, acting independently and integrated into the HoRa complex decision-making processes.


The shades of green, the preservation of the springs ensuring abundant water for the wildlife, all of that makes the perfect setting to enjoy nature and excellence in production. With over 4,000 hectares of preserved native forest, HoRa guarantees a future with quality of life for people and animals alike.